KHS Weissensee

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2004 | concept, planning | event | area 2.500 sqm | former Mega-Markt | Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg | Art Institute Berlin-Weissensee

In May 2004, KINZO has been commissioned to design and realize the yearly fashion show of the College of Arts in Berlin-Weißensee. The show and the after show party was to be staged at a virgin and unusual albeit interesting location.
Formerly occuppied by Mega Market, the 1,000 sqm facility located on the fascinatingly industrial Bötzow brewery site seemed well suited for the show. Challenging were the incorporation of the low ceilings and the abutment in order to create just the right space and atmosphere.
The concept KINZO presented did not attempt to improve the room but rather to positively re-interpret the characteristics of the location. A long catwalk in the center of the room puts an emphasis on its horizontality. The illumination of the pillars integrated into the catwalk as well as dia installations on the outer walls support the underground parking lot character while transforming the former functional building into an eagerly awaited dream stage. The smaller albeit more spaciously proportioned ante room with its large glass brick windows was the ideal back drop for the after show party. It has been outfitted with a bar, a small stage and simple but elegant seating arrangements.

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