GOYA Lounge

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2006 | concept | shareholder lounge and restaurant | area 185 sqm | Berlin-Schöneberg | Kanzlei Leonhardt

The probably most glamorous club in Berlin, the Goya, has filed for bankruptcy protection. Within the framework of restructuring, KINZO has been commissioned to redesign the shareholder lounge and restaurant.
The available space is a striking scenery of tunnel vaults.
The shareholder lounge intents to present a private retreat with indirectly lit portraits of the shareholders placed across stained glass windows facing Nollendorfplatz. On the slightly lowered portion of the floor a comfortable den will be fitted with classical floor lamps, literature and other reading material well placed in sideboard thus creating a comfortable living room like atmosphere setting itself charmingly apart from its cathedral surroundings.
The restaurant itself is being shaped by the signs and attraction of deterioration. The reddish vault ceiling is being staged as an ancient ruin, the walls as ancient, disintegrating and in the shadows of the twilight disappearing murals. Due to its flat black finish, the only newly erected wall is low-key in character; a black rope curtain puts emphasis on the lightness of the abstract design.
A large wooden table being surrounded by a bench draws all attention openly contrasting the remaining interior.

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